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the capital town of Great Britain

Residing in the capital town of Great Britain is a thing that a lot of people aspire to do, and lifestyle in London rarely fails to live up to expectations. The part of London, in accordance with, handles a 1560km2 that is impressive. In this you will discover The Shard, tranquil parks that are green, towering structures with wonderful names like The Gherkin and sprawling suburbs along with a few of the finest shopping, night life and restaurants everywhere around earth.

Although London is really a multi-ethnic area (see our Dwelling in London page for details and figures), the customs and culture which were ingrained within the centuries continue to be very much in evidence.
Old and brand new side by side

Among the things that makes life in London so special is the reality that every-where you look the the modern is sweeping shoulders with background that is severe. Along with the most contemporary of edifices and constructions, including the Millennium Bridge, the very first pedestrian bridge over the River Thames construct in central London for more than a century, the town is home to a number of the very iconic structures on the planet, and boasts at least four World Heritage Sites.

All these will be The Palace of Westminster, Westminster Abbey and St Margaret’s Church, The Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew Greenwich as well as The Tower of London.

And what is so impressive about life in London is that these, and a number of other other areas and structures of historic significance, remain you every day. It definitely makes for an amazing stroll to school or work, and however long you reside in the town there is always still another ‘must see’ website to go to. See our Things to Do page for more thoughts in what to see whilst you are residing in London.
Therefore several traditions, one town

If there is something that Londoners master, it is service and pomp. Individuals turn out in their hundreds of thousands for occasions such as the everyday Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace, along with The Trooping of the Color, God Mayor’s Present.

But it is maybe not only the big things that make existence in London therefore exceptional. It is the small things too. According to where on the planet you hail from, you might or might not have great ideas in regards to the food it is possible to get to see in London. Two dishes in Britain are chips and fish, and the Sunday roast. Both are tasty, but might vary enormously in quality. For more info on not too conventional and conventional food in London, have a look within our Meals page.
The climate

If there is one factor near to any man’s heart it is the climate. And once you you go through the climate that is radically changing, you will start to realize why. You could be basking in 80 or 70 degrees of fair weather, as well as the next lashed by wind and rain. Actually, the climate appears to be getting more explosive. On August 10 2003, the next highest temperature ever recorded in Uk was at the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew, when the mercury reach 100.6 degrees Fahrenheit (38.8 degrees Celsius). The best temperature was 101.3 levels and recorded near a spot called Faversham, a township in the county of Kent some miles south of London.

Generally, the current weather in London is not very unpleasant. The entire nation experiences a thing that will most likely be a significant novelty in the event that you come from hotter climes, unique seasons. Spring (March, April, May) is a wonderful season. Plants start to reveal after their extended cold temperatures slumber, the air fills once more and, spring lambs are scattered across the fields, in case you simply take a-drive outside London to the country-side.

With temperatures generally heading up in to the 70s or 80s summertime is regarded as the months of June, July and August. Nevertheless, lightning storms tend to be more frequent only at that time, and occasionally August may be a month that is fairly humid.

September, Oct and November herald the time of autumn (or fall, for our US cousins). The leaves on the trees start to to show, passing through brilliant colors of orange, red and yellow, before ultimately falling to the floor as winter approaches. Ground frost is probably during the fall months, but London can encounter some wonderful (and warm) climate in now.


Wintertime, on the flip side, can provide with it some serious weather. Nevertheless, London generally will be relatively sheltered from the worst that the UK encounters. Snow, if and when it falls, is generally short lived, but be ready for some days that are wet, cold and overcast. But, when paints every thing having a glittering sheen as well as the winter sunlight beams down from a soft blue sky, the sight of London city on a a cold winter’s morning, definitely takes some beating.

BBC Climate is an excellent site for supplying long and short term predictions, in addition to finding more about the fickle climate.
Life in the fast-lane, or simply take the route that is peaceful

London aerial view with Tower Bridge, UK

One thing about existence in London is that it is often as peaceful or as insane as you enjoy. For people who would like to bash 24/7, then every thing is on your doorstep. But in case you would rather a somewhat more sedate life style, maybe choosing cultural exhibits, in theater shows or simply loving silent walks on among the many delightful parks in London, then that is not difficult to see through at the same time.

London is a town of extremes, and lifestyle here will surely never be boring. Whether you would like a take-out at four each day or to locate a quiet place outside to study your novel on a bright day, existence in London can be every thing you would like it to be.

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