London escort experience

Traveling all over the world has always been a great experience for me. I am an Ireland athlete, and London is among my favorite destinations. The city is beautiful, a great place to enjoy a luxurious holiday and full of fun. Marriage has never been on my bucket list, but I love to have a beautiful woman’s company once in a while. As I travel to London, this escort agency offers undisputed quality services and has always exceeded my dating expectations.

This year, I traveled to London, and since I was all alone, I decided to contact Cleopatra Escorts for their services. They have always kept my identity confidential and are quite affordable. This time around, I was looking for an exciting hire that would be at least three days since I was in the city for a while. I went through their escort list and picked a bursty medium height lady with blue eyes from it. She looked stunning, and since a lovely blossom immensely turns me on, she was my ideal preference. Since I was in London for a few days and only needed one lady’s company for my whole stay, I decided to be a gentleman and first take her shopping. I mean, every lady deserves to be spoilt once in a while like the princess she is.

She dropped her pick-up location, which was at Paddington, which happens to be one of my favorite dining places in the city. She was an easy notice from the cleavage she was wearing that was an absolute turn on. Forgive my eyes!!! She wore a beautiful peace dress that toned perfectly with her skin, and indeed I was going to have a fantastic lady company this time. Her beautiful blue eyes were dazzling, and all I could do was stare at them and wonder why I never picked her before. We had a light snack as we were catching up and getting to know each other casually. I asked her what her favorite shopping place was, and her taste was an absolute gem.

We headed to a nearby designer shop, which was her pick, and I was ready to spend on her heavy for she was worth it. I requested her also to pick a few lingerie that she would love because my hire also included some crazy moments of fun. I wasn’t going to admire only and not cuddle and be all night with her. As she fitted the lingerie, I could help but notice her perfect curves and fine behind. All that was in my head is how soon we would get to my hotel room and get a taste of that. However, I had all the time for that, and we would create unforgettable memories.

After shopping, we headed to a nearby I love to have a few drinks and packed all her shopping bags in my ride. We had a bottle of Ciroc vodka to ourselves, and what we couldn’t drink we would carry to our room. Since the nightclub was just opposite my hotel, we headed back with only her shopping bags and left my car keys at the valet for them to park it in the hotel residence for me. Up the elevator, we couldn’t keep our hands and lips to ourselves but had a sensation moment till the 9th floor. We arrived in my room and let her first freshen up as I took the vodka shots to charge.

She wore my favorite lingerie among the ones I had bought her and toss me in bed. She was a freak in bed, and her bursty body was quite a turn on. My hands were on every inch of her, and she was quite loud all night, which was quite erotic. We made love all over the place for a significant part of the night and was lovely. I loved the way she was into it and had some nasty ideas in mind for the night. She was more of magma in bed and still a precious diamond that I couldn’t resist. It was so mature of her, and as we slept, I couldn’t help but think about a repeat of it in the morning.

Surprisingly she woke up before me, went to the bathroom, and asked me to join her. I smiled, and why not. In all my days in London, I had never found a wild, beautiful bursty woman like her. she took her time bubbling up and gently did the same to me. I was quite aroused by it, and my hands caressed her blossom as I kissed her soft lips. The rest…………

After our lovely morning escapades, we headed out for a sweet breakfast date. I couldn’t help but notice how much she was glowing and classy she looked from the dress she bought. We had a good mature talk throughout breakfast and relieved me off from many things I had stressing. She was a good listener and never judged me in any way from what I said. I had plans to watch a movie later on, which we did, and was a beautiful moment with her beside me.

We spend the whole day together having lots of fun at the mall playing games and later on headed to a nearby casino I enjoy gambling at. She amazed me with her fine skill in porker, and we cash out quite fairly on all games I staked at. We had a repeat of last night again, which was a new experience all over again. It was unfortunate that my escort request days were done after that, which I certainly do not regret the time spent with her. I tipped her heavily because she was worth it, and the experience was undeniably exquisite.