The Relationship is Work Dynamic

Relationships take work. Don’t let anyone convince you that it is any different. They don’t work like a nine to five. They are more of a plant that you need to grow. If you don’t water the plant, it will not develop roots. It won’t even bud. The plant also needs other things like sunlight.

When you look at your relationship, examine the components that it needs to grow. It will need different things from your friends because every person is unique. This is what makes the relationship work non-formulaic, just like what it’s like to grow a plant.

You will want to look at what the other person needs while you date. You should see if you are able to provide it at this stage, not after marriage. For example, someone who is super into sports is not going to change. Are you going to be able to give this person the space to pursue sports? Will you be willing to make some of your date nights sports orientated so that you can enjoy some time together? If the answer to this is no and you’ll nag this person to death forever about sports, it’s best to part ways if you think it’s a deal-breaker.

There are also people in life that need more time together and those that need less. It’s the difference between an introvert and an extrovert. Are you willing to put up with a personality type that is completely opposite of yours? If you have differing needs, then both of you will need to work on accommodating that.

London is a fun city. It’s very romantic as well. You should enjoy the things that the city has to offer while you contemplate whether your relationship will be the type of “work” you’re interested in.